Sunday, 4 December 2011

All in One

Because my internet conection has been a bit dodgey lately I could'nt post anything. Seeing as its fixed now I'm going to post a a few things at once.

Old Man Rant #4
Why are girls so wingey and hard to understand? All the skinny ones blab on about how fat and ugly they are, and all the lard arses think they look nice. Get a reality check. Also, why is good, new music so hard to come by these days? Is it because all modern music is crap like dubstep? Is it because people are lazy? Mostly Both.

Garage Sales (again)
There were 27 garage sales this weekend, including a huge car boot sale (none of which were actualy in a car boot, just around stalls). I bought a ton of crap as usual, but my favourite thing I got was a broccoli with a face.

I also lost the game.

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