Saturday, 7 January 2012


Here are 13 things you need (or don't need) to know;

1. As of this year I am vegetarian because I don't like that meat is so readily available. Also that it makes me more hyppstery

2. I completely forgot to tell you guys that I went on holidays over Chrissy and New Year. Oops

3. A random yeti has suddenly become absolutely obsessed with aardvarks. I wonder if you could guess who . . .

4. The same yeti has out-blogged me while i was gone. Tsk tsk tsk . . . . .

5. I ate a jelly bean that was centipede flavoured.

6. I had a deep fried Mars Bar and it was awesome.

7. I obtained the following:
A 100-and-something year old coin
A really old British coaching horn
and a brilliant old euphonium

8. I drank some Coke Zero that expired 14th Aug 2007

9. I jumped of a driving board

10. Got a new unicycle. Tasty

11. I also got a 5x5 Rubik's Cube

12. I discovered a really kool band. But I'm not telling you

13. I lost the game

1 comment:

  1. my reply, you aardvark.
    1. really? that sounds so pointless. oh god, i just sneezed all over my keyboard.
    2. yeah, fail.
    3. woohoo! go aardvarks!
    4. haha... it was always going to happen. 100th post coming up soon.
    5. are you sure it wasn't just a centipede rolled up in the jellybean bag?
    6. disgusting! also, they were invented in scotland.
    7. i'll want to see that euphonium.
    8. almost as disgusting as eating the centipede.
    9. wow. amazing. not.
    10. what's the inch-age?
    11. and let me guess, you can't do it?
    12. umm, the moptop eagles? i love them.
    13. damn you to HELL!!!!!!!!!