Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Cheese Cake

Two things. Cheese and Cake. Cheesecake is not really both, it doesn't even taste like cheese. Most cheese is good, except for blue cheese. Its really terrible stuff. Full of mould and gross stuff. Yuck! Then there's cake. Some cakes are yummy, and some are terrible. Goodbye.


  1. Hello there! I like your posts being so short, it's surprising after reading several super long posts!! Good luck with the rest of your challenge!

    See you around.

    English Speaking Zone

  2. Found you on the A-Z Challenge list!

    Love cheese. Love cake. Agree w/ you on moldy cheese.

  3. I love blue cheese, especially on salads! But cheesecake is a better kind of cheese. ;)